Found 22nd Dec 2006
Steve gave me the link to the live help, but my pms were almost full and ive deleted it, stupid me i know, anyone know it :oops:

Looked on eBay, they dont seem to want to give it out :whistling:


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Googled it and got the link guys, as at least 2 of you will want to know what the trouble was.
Couple of years ago, ebay took my fees without my consent, so i rang my bank, and theyve blocked all ebay taking fees.

This year, i put some items on which totalled £1.20 in fees.
I pay for my items when theyve all finisehed and pay the fees in 1 go.
While my items were live they instructed the £1.20 to be taken to my bank.
As a result my bank refused, and my ebay account then was showing this (items had finished at this point and id paid the final value fees)

20-Dec-06 20:22:42 GMT Direct Debit Returned Item (20-Dec)
Reason: No Instruction Payment -- £1.200000 -- £1.20
20-Dec-06 20:22:43 GMT Direct Debit Returned Item Fee Other -- £5.000000 -- £6.20

So, as you can imagine when i saw last night i was fuming there trying to charg me a fiver!
So i contacted Dinosteveus who said there was nothing i could do :-(

Logged onto live help this morning, she said there was nothing they could do and there bank had charged them.
I told her i wouldnt pay it and was leaving ebay, and as a result i was greeted by this instead :

22-Dec-06 09:10:28 GMT Courtesy Credit Other -- -£1.500000 -- £4.70
22-Dec-06 09:10:28 GMT Courtesy Credit Other -- -£3.500000 -- £1.20

They credited my account with the £5, too worried about losing me :giggle:
All sorted now, can have a nice xmas

WOW, must be that time of year. :santa:
I wonder if they will let me off my £150 bill :giggle:

Great result.:-D

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I was sure i wasnt going to get it back
But i was so angry i would have left! :giggle:

I thought me being the little guy in the pond they wouldnt care about losing one member, but im quite pleased with them

Im quite impressed actually! For once Joshy you surprised me! :-D :viking:
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