eBay Messages not working

Found 27th Apr 2018
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Its been like this for 3 hours.
Not really
eBay is awful in general
It’s been shocking of late, the apps are falling apart, sometimes when I try and amend an item or list it doesn’t give me a postage option so it has to be saved as a local pickup only then amended online
Right pain
Mine was like that this morning but working now. I had update on my iphone etc. Been fine since
Its just the usual Friday morning tinkering. I could not view myebay the usual way, found a work around in the end. Working now. The worrying bit is knowing they cannot stop changing things, usually not for the better. Then we are getting this adyen payment rubbish.
Drives me mad with updates. You get used to it then they change it and most of the time it changes something that didn't need changing.
Anyone remember the days when Ebay would shut their UK site down entirely for a few hours on a Friday morning for mtainence?
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