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Found 11th Aug 2010
I'm selling my scooter on eBay, hopefully listing tonight, and was wondering if it is best to put it as an auction or as a classified advert.

Does it make much difference?

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It does make a difference cost wise - have a think about how much you are likely to sell it for and work out what it would cost you in fees as an auction and how much as a classified. From memory if its classified you don't have a final value fee where you do if its an auction.....
i alway put them on as a buy it now and then retract when i get cash in my hand so ebay doesnt know its sold!!
Its about £13 difference in fees so that wouldn't affect my decision really. The only thing with classified would be I'm not sure if it's definiate value, I keep getting told different figures. But equally I may get more or less on an auction. I'll probably just go for the auction in the end though incase I undervalue it.

It's a Keeway F-Act 50cc moped, 2008 registration and 1800 miles on the clock, mint condition if anyone would have an idea on value.

Yeah I found that one last night, I've put mine on for £595 on a classified in the end as was worried about it not reaching a decent amount and I really need the money.

I've had a text overnight with an offer of cash and collection. If I were to accept this, ie not through ebay, do I just have to cancel the listing as if it didn't sell? Also, how do I pay the £14.99 listing fee?

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