Ebay mutual cancellation idea

i was thinking....could you get away with mutually cancelling a sale with someone, but still completing the transaction, eliminating your FVF charge. Maybe you could agree to share the FVF equally between the buyer/seller so you gave them some benefit, as well as saving yourself half your FVF !? and you can still leave positive feedback ! this is probably against ebay rules, but has anyone ever known of this to have happened undetected??? :roll:


I think in this situation you would lose eBay's "insurance" in the case where things went wrong. It's not that much different than people who email offers to losing bidders etc. except you can leave feedback I guess.

I've done it a few times.

You need to trust the seller/buyer. You can still leave Feedback and if you paid with Paypal you could still file a dispute for item NOT received.
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