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eBay offers

Posted 9th May
I was browsing some items on eBay and was offered by the seller one of the items I looked at for £5 instead of £9

I never selected "watch" or made an offer

Do sellers get to see who has simply just viewed the item and make an offer? I should also add, I viewed the item whilst logged out of my eBay account (when I logged in I got a notification of the offer within 5 minutes, but not viewing the item whilst logged in)

Thanks in advance for any helpful replies
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As a seller, i often have the option to make an offer to ‘interested’ users.

More often than not, the count of interested users when making an offer is higher than the actual watch count on the listing.

I have no idea how ebay does it unfortunately, but can confirm i have no idea or no way of knowing who the offers go to when i submit. The only user i know and find out about will be the one that accepts the offer.
The seller doesn't get to see to whom offers are being send, that is done by ebay.
so your details are safe.
ebay will prompt the buyer to do it.
Thanks both I appreciate the explanation
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