Found 28th Nov 2016
I placed an order in ebay for a mobile on Fri afternoon. Realised I have made a mistake (wrong spec), I have sent an ebay message to the seller to cancel the order on Sat 8pm. Now this morning I received a message from seller that the item is despatched at 0018hr (Mon).
Can I dispute and reject the delivery? what should i do?

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Let it deliver and open return request

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then I have to pay for the return cost?

yes you would have to pay postage and you won't be able to get a refund for the original postage either. I'm a big seller on ebay and the seller may not of seen your message in time. If i was the seller in this case id say that you should of read the listing before buying so therefore it's your fault and postage will need to be covered by you

it's also possible that it's only been packaged up ready for shipping today, have to wait and see if they respond in a few hours

you can refuse the parcel but the best idea is to get the parcel don"t even open just go to ebay and in my account (purchase history- return item) select the reason changed your mind and then wait for a return postage cost and send it back. Make sure is sent by recorded delivery!


then I have to pay for the return cost?

"I have made a mistake" (_;)

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what would happen if i refuse the delivery? I know that I would need to pay for the return P&P if I accept the delivery and want a return afterwards.

it depends on who the seller is and how it was purchased. If it was buy it now and a business seller you should be covered by business selling regulations.

Check there terms if they don't say you must cover return postage costs then they have to pay to pick it up.

Find the seller's contact number if possible and call them. The item may still be in their warehouse and awaiting posting agents to pick it up today. I was sent a message of postage by a seller but was able cancel order as it was still sat in the warehouse.or call ebay.

Accept delivery then initiate return (if the seller allows returns). It's your mistake and you will cause inconvenience to the seller in getting fees refunded etc. To retain buyer/seller etiquette you'll have to take the hit on the return postage.

If you're going to mess the seller around by refusing delivery etc please can you post your eBay ID on here so I can block you

Give this a try.. Link

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Give this a try.. Link

Thank you, Turibaba. Although I used credit card for it this time, but this return is good to know.
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