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I bought a PSP from Japan and the guy who sent my PSP from Japan said it'd be here by now, so i emailed him asking what address he sent it to, and he spelt my location a little bit wrong.

This is an EXAMPLE of what my address is (not my real address)

70 Simple Street
HG65 76CZ

and the guy spelt it like:

70 Simple Street
Simp el ton
HG65 76C 7

i've made bold the bit he did wrong.

do you think i'll get it still or am i out of luck?


HG65 76C7 does not exist. Try phoning your local depot and see if there is anything waiting for you or if there is anything to the address that the guy wrote

check the net whether the area he spelt wrong really exists.also, you have 30 days (i think) to claim your money back via Paypal dispute if he doesn't coorperate.

I don't think it be too much of a problem,I get post all the time with wrong postcode on,I had to contact Mattel about a product recall and I had some American girl over end,and instead of Hill she did Ville as part of my rd name and the letter arrived ok.
Maybe its not been delivered yet as its taking longer than expected or perhaps customs have got it and preparing a bill or something.I presume you paid by Paypal,and surely its been sent insured cos they dear item so you should both come out of it ok.

The post office will work it out. Millions of letters/parcels get delivered every day without post codes so it's better than nothing.

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thanks all..

the postcode he sent it to is just one letter out, i googled it and found that it would go about 6 houses away from me if it didn't get delivered.

So if it isn't here by monday 5pm when i get home from work i'll ring up the head office and see what i can do, then i will go from there.

hopefully it'll be ok, but i'm never ordering from Japan or Hong Kong again via eBay. Too many things go wrong with orders from there!

one more question:

do you have to pay parcelforce when they deliver if they charge VAT? Or can you take the item and pay online?

Pay at the door. They wont hand it over until you pay.

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thanks for letting me know, i hope the charge is small or they dont ask for it!

Truthfully? when i got a psp from japan - i paid£52.48 at the door.


Truthfully? when i got a psp from japan - i paid£52.48 at the door.

Yeah i paid around that price when i bought one from Lik-Sang (sony you )

but i did have it about 4 months or maybe more before it came out in the uk, so wasn't too bothered

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I had some shoes once from America, off eBay,I had card through door asking me to come down to post collection office and pay about £10 it was,they took £3 handling fee for taking the payment!
I then had another order delivered a while back from America,think it was Fedex and they sent me a bill in post,I had my parcel,thought yep no customs bill,and it turned up in post about 2 weeks later.
I have a order on its way from America again,don't know what happen but you gotta be prepared to pay customs tax.

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the guy said he has de-valued it and marked it as a gift so i wont have to pay VAT but he said i may still have to pay.

hope i dont, £52 is outrageous


but i'm never ordering from Japan or Hong Kong again

Ah,.... another person learns :thinking:

yes you will have to pay the duty

Assuming this is £100 PSP we are talking about then it will not be that much - even if the courier does stiff you on the handling fee.

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£220 limited FF7 psp gonna cost a bit more me thinks

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it arrived a day or two ago. it looks beautiful!

no V.A.T was needed

thanks all for the help, i'll bear it in mind next time:thumbsup:
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