Ebay parcel gone missing - what do i do?

Any advice appreciated
Recently sold a suit through ebay for £35 + £5.00 p & p
The post office was EXTREMELY busy when i went to post so instead i posted it from work and it went out with a franking stamp on with my place of work (postman comes and collects from office)

Therefore i have no proof of postage

The buyer has contacted me to say it has not been received.

What can i do without proof of postage? What are my options?

thanks in advance - dramaqueen


I dont think theres alot you can do really.
If they paid via paypal, they'll side with the buyer, as paypal like a trackable method.

I don't think there is much you can do
try the royal mail site royalmail.com/por…me/
did you put a return address on the parcel? if so it may come back to you after 2 weeks of not being claimed. has your customer contacted her local sorting office?
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