Ebay payment advice please.

    Hi, I just sold some Russell Howard tickets on Ebay for a show on the 20th of Feb (a week today).
    The 'buyer' has chosen to pay by an E-Cheque which takes up to 7 days to clear!! I've emailed him to ask why and I've just realised he's a new buyer on ebay too - what should I do, cancel the transaction and sell to the next person or wait?? I'm certainly not going to post the tickets until the payment has cleared, which may be too late - then who is at fault??

    Thanks xxx


    email and ask for the payment to be cancelled and pay bt, or for them to add card details to paypal to validate?

    Emaill the buyer and explain, if you get a response and they are happy for you to decline/reverse the e-cheque payment and them to resend it via standard paypal payment (ie funded by card instead of bank transfer as they obviously don't have a their bank account verified) then do that.
    If no response in 36 hours go to the next buyer or realist it BIN with instant paypal payment required.

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    thanks all, I have asked the question, I will wait for tomorrow to cancel.

    just another point - the buyer they may not be aware of it. i have bought loads of thongs from ebay and was once contacted by a seller telling me it woyuld take a while for dispatch as i had paid by echeque - but i had just paid as normal. they may want the tickets and be prepared to cancel payment and pay again


    i have bought loads of thongs from ebay

    How many thongs are enough?


    How many thongs are enough?

    bout 2
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