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Found 26th Apr 2007
I've bought a quite high priced item on ebay, and the seller has requested a fraction of the price to be paid as a deposit within a day, and the rest paid when I collect the item, but I can't just pay the deposit via paypal, as the invoice states only the full cost.

So, if I asked them to send a new paypal invoice (one for the deposit, and another for the remaining cost), would that still be associated with that auction, and therefore be covered by ebay's protection terms?

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sounds strange, and as long as you pay for the item within the correct time period, you are not obliged to pay a deposit (unless it was stated in the auction - even then I'm not certain if you have to).

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The seller requested this in the auction - this is common for car auctions (which this is).
I'm confident the seller isn't dodgy or anything (100% positive feedback, and recent ebay activity is evident), I'm just worried if paypal has some loophole about making new invoices, and them not being covered in their protection.
I'm unsure if the new money request invoice(s) would still be associated with that auction.

In the paypal payment you can minus or add costs.

Where it says "sellers charges" or similar, You can minus off the money such as a £1000 down to £100

Sorry i'll be a bit clearer.

In ebay as normal, Click "pay now" then click paypal and continue, You'll be showed to sign into paypal, When signed in, There should be a "add sellers charges" bit just above the total amount, You should then be able to add costs or minus them, In this case minus it down to the required deposit amount and then click pay as normal.


In the paypal payment you can minus or add costs.Where it says "sellers … In the paypal payment you can minus or add costs.Where it says "sellers charges" or similar, You can minus off the money such as a £1000 down to £100

I have that option turned on on my ebay accounts. I don't think it's a good idea to allow buyers to change my invoices.

I would tell the seller to send you a payment request via Paypal but to tie it in with the ebay item number.
Asking for a depostit for an item you are picking up is quite common.


We bought a car through ebay a couple of years ago and had to do the same thing as Steve said. I never leave the option on for buyers to change invoices, it's so easy to miss that someone has knocked money off when you're selling lots of things. x


The seller should have an option in the drop down menu next to your purchase to "send invoice" ie- resend it. They should be able to make any adjustments there xx
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