Ebay, Paypal and disputes, nayone know much about it?

Right, bought some stuff off ebay the other day, was collection in person only, spoke to the seller and they agreed to send if I arranged a courier to collect it, so I did.
The stuff arrived and was not to my expectations (broken case, faulty power lead and other missing wires), so I asked them what was happening and opened a Paypal dispute just to be on the safe side.
Now, this morning I get an e-mail saying that I shouldnt have strated a dispute so soon and should have left time for them to reply (possibly, but I always like to be safe with PP as people can just withdraw and you odn't get a penny).
Now, I asked for £15 refund to help cover the costs of getting new bits to repair the stuff I bought, the seller has refunded the whole lot and wants to send a courier round to collect them, where do I stand on my original postage, anyone know?
I have tried to contact them again to see if we can come to some other arrangement, but not heard anything back yet.
Thanks for your help,



they don't have to refund your postage ..... thats up to them

let them come to collect it ........ they will be out of pocket too due to paying a courier

paypal don't insist on postage refunds unfortunately and its a pain, it needs to be added esp when the seller is at fault

Ebay rules are if a item is not as described you will get all your money back inc your original postage costs but as you arranged your own courier you cannot claim any thing back.

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Hurrah, all sorted.
Seller thought I wanted the £15 refund to seend it back, we have spoken and she is more than happy to accept the rest of the money back again, saves her having to have it back and me losing out on postage, plus it gives me (something else) to fix while I am off work, yay
Thanks for your help peeps,


See Mike, maybe it was worth to call/email the seller first, before starting the dispute?
Glad it's sorted now, but sometimes I'm on the other side of the story.

And Paypal


Glad it's all sorted but I have to say that I would have been SERIOUSLY narked if I'd had a dispute started before I'd had the chance to reply, probably best to avoid this in the future as this could've affected you getting such a good response from your seller.
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