Ebay & Paypal customer services: Why do they all have american accents?

I got through to Ebay's new phone line customer support, it's a local rate number which is good, 020 etc
But when I got through, they spoke with an american accent just like it seems all Paypal agents do. And there's no noise cancellation so you can't really have a relaxed conversation, you have to repeat everything and use the alpha-bravo thing because you can hear the other agents conversations.

So close...and yet so far...

Why not use English customer services peeps and why not make it a relatively relaxing experience, especially when a problem's just happened with your purchase


ebay is afterall an american company
at least they are native english speakers, unlike some UK companies which outsource their call center to non-native countries

I don't mind call stations being anyway, on the condition I can understand them, they can understand me and they can help.

Some of them mean to **** you off.

The comms numbers are routed via VoiP to the states.

Why does is matter about which accents they have anyways? lol :?

I don't care what accent anyone has as long as they listen to me, my only bug bear with call centres is that they have a script to stick to and can't diverse from it. I have a manc accent that they probably can't understand so having a help line in a foreign country isn't the best idea, it just doesn't work and i wish the big companies would take this on board.

because the call is answered in the USA.....

I have an American accent and I find that I usually don't need to repeat myself when speaking to English call reps. But I often ask them to repeat themselves though lol.
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