ebay /paypal fees ?

Any regual ebayers here?

if i sold something for £50 buy it now on ebay how much will i see after fees, paypal fees etc ? ?




What is the start price ?
Are you using any listing options IE gallery.
What will be the p&p charges ?

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cheapest options really,

was looking at selling a few of the same item for £50 buy it now but didnt know how much would actually get from it. p+p would be 5

Listing fee 30p
Final vaue fee 2.22
Total ebay fees 2.52

paypal fees 2.14

[COLOR="Red"]Total fees 4.66[/COLOR]

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thanks alot..

do tehy charge you on teh p&p ?

was wondering if i could add a £1 on postage to balance it a bit more


have a play around and see what is your best options for most profit

BTW I think I got the listing fee wrong. Think it's time for bed :0

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thats a great link.. will have a play..

thanks for that
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