eBay / Paypal issue causing payments in Paypal but no Sales in eBay, these payments will be reversed so be careful about shipping items

Posted 2nd Oct
As I imagine quite a few people on here use eBay and Paypal to buy and sell, I thought I'd post the issue we have had as a eBay seller that may well be affecting other eBay Seller and Buyers.

On Monday evening we received a Paypal payment for an "eBay Sale" that did not exist in eBay. We tried the work out why we had received money from a buyer but had not sold the item that the payment referred to in eBay. Having failed to find a solution I contacted eBay, the response from Rebekah on the eBay chat was:

"Thank you Emma. Yes so we did have an issue on site yesterday and Monday evening where buyers were paying for items but the sale is showing on their side as payment cancelled but sellers were receiving payments to paypal but no sale was going through. Seems to be the exact same here and when I check the buyers side its showing that their payment was cancelled for this item. We have been told by the tech team that the payments will be reversed automatically and then the buyer would need to purchase again so just make sure you keep the item Emma as the payment will probably be taken back within the next 24hours. You could reverse the payment yourself either if you have the option and the buyer can purchase again."

eBay have not notified the sellers of this issue, their techanical issue, so be careful about shipping items as the payment may well be reversed automatically.
The lost sale does not appear in eBay, which logically it should as a sale which is unpaid and eBay are offering no compensation to sellers for the lost sale or against their monthly shop fee, despite them failing to provide a working solution.
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AndyRoyd02/10/2019 12:46

@jco83 will sort this for all ebay sellers at …@jco83 will sort this for all ebay sellers at https://www.hotukdeals.com/discussions/i-recommend-ebay-for-good-customer-service-3302468

Haa haa very funny
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