eBay plus points - how much is your voucher worth?

    The eBay plus points vouchers are being sent out tomorrow, and I'm being nosey, how much is your voucher worth?
    Mine? £20.85
    I made the most of double up and other extra points promotions.


    never heard of this before

    What is eBay Plus?eBay Plus is a promotional rewards programme that will … What is eBay Plus?eBay Plus is a promotional rewards programme that will be available to selected eBay UK members for a limited time. Upon joining you'll automatically earn rewards in the form of eBay Plus points over two, three month periods based on your qualifying purchases. The eBay Plus points you’ll earn on will be turned into discount vouchers at the end of each three-month period. These vouchers can then be redeemed within 30 days from the date of the voucher against your future purchases on any eBay site.

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    never heard of this before

    It's an invitation only promotion where you get points every time you purchase something on eBay. 1 point = 1p and every 3 months they send you a voucher to spend on eBay for the amount.

    I think I've been on the 'trial' for a year and half or so now.
    With the plus points and cashback it makes bargains more bargainous!

    we had £15 i think, 4 of us use it thou

    you don't want to know what mine is, it is a very decent amount which means I have spent a very scary amount of money

    a great big £2.77

    £1.35 lol

    31p !!!!


    Buying my new guitar with double points was probably £5 worth of that!

    £2.14 lol



    not tellin!

    Only 19p this month had a lot more in the past

    Never had any.............

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    The vouchers have been issued.
    Mine is spent already (ooopsie!).

    £5.15 mostly from buying a York exercise bike for £220 (440 points). I miss out on a lot of points as I snipe.
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