eBay possible problem. Advice needed.

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Found 2nd Nov 2006
I sold a car on eBay recently, the winning bidder came and picked up the car on Sunday, payed cash and all was good.

Had this e-mail from him today.

" hi matt some woman keeps emailing me for your details, she says she recieved a second chance offer from you of £550 & she states she paid you via paypal, i havent given any of your details & i told her to contact ebay as its nothing to do with me, thanks again jason"

It's all news to me, and I definitely haven't made a 2nd chance offer.

A woman did bid £550 on the car, so it sounds like someone has accessed the bids on my car, and contacted the other bidders with a fake 2nd chance offer.

I've asked the buyer of my car for her details, and I will get in touch with her to see what has happened.

Is this a known scam ?

Cheers for any advice


The second chance offer scam has been around for years. They normally target Laptops.
What is the item number?

Original Poster

The number is 270040718050

Strange bidder, it's a long way from her registered location:- Dumfries and Galloway to you.

Anyway, according to ebay she did NOT win your Car either in a bid or on a second chance:-

I wonder why she contacted the winning bidder? Strange thing to do.
It may be a good idea if you phone her and tell her that if she has paid somebody for your car she needs to start a Paypal dispute NOW.
Strictly speaking, this is not your problem and she cannot leave you feedback.
On another note, it may be a good idea to block her so she can't bid on your items in the future because I suspect she will blame you for losing £550.




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I've heard back and it was her that has contacted the winning bidder.

I will send her a message and ask her what has happened, and apss on your advice if she has been scammed.

Cheers for your help, and I'll let you know if I hear anything else.

If she replied to a Spoof second chance and logged in she will need to change her Ebay and Paypal password ASAP.

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OK, will let her know that as well

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eBay won't let me contact her, as I am not in a current transaction with her.

Doh !

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And the link above to gte her contact details gives me this:

Unable to access contact information

Unfortunately, you are unable to access the contact information you requested. This can be due to a number of reasons:

1. To better protect the privacy of eBay users, you can only request contact information for eBay users who are involved in your current or recent transactions. Examples are: [LIST]
[*] Sellers can request the contact information for all bidders in an active transaction and the winning bidder in a successful, closed transaction.
[*] Bidders can request the contact information for a seller during an active transaction and in a successful, closed transaction if they are the winning bidder.[/LIST] 2. The item number entered is not associated with the User ID that was entered. View the ]item you entered and make sure the item number and User ID you entered are correct.

3. The item number you entered is no longer available. Contact information is only available while the item is accessible on eBay.

4. The user you are requesting contact information for is an International user. Due to International laws, contact information for International users may be limited.

If you would like to contact this user, you can send a message via eBay's email forwarding system by clicking on their User ID.

Oooooops, sorry I thought may have worked because she bid on your Car.
In that case you should be able to get her email address from your bidders history for the car.

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On bid history, the only thing by her name is 2nd chance offer.
I've emailed the winning bidder and asked him to pass on my email address.
Looks like it is going to be an expensive scam for her.

Flippin eck, I'm not doing too good tonight. :oops: :oops:
Your idea is the best thing to do now. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
I think this could be a very expensive spoof second chance for her. :-(
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