Posted 29th Dec 2022
After over 20 years in ebay, their algorithm decided I should change to business account.
Reasoning with a live chat doesn't do much. So thought would ask here:

- if I change to a business account, can I change back to private again?
- pros and cons? I enjoy my 80% of final fees offers. do business accounts get same offer?
- returns, don't want those for 'changed my mind' or 'my cat/dog/child ordered this' bs.

Any other tips be great, thanks?

I am not a business, mostly 2nd hand bits and bobs, so no idea why ebay wants me to change and they won't reveal their reasons wither.

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    Are you only selling your own personal belongings on ebay? Do you sell more than £1k in a year?
    ebay allows much more on their normal account though.
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    surely it’s up to you if you want to be a private or business seller..

    tell them to get lost
    they gave me 21 days as per email and then follow up yesterday so say my account has been restricted until I change.
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    You'll get different offers.
    Will have to honour change of mind requests.

    For most, it's a negative step.

    Of course, if you're selling business-class volumes, then you should be registered as such (and be paying tax). If you've evidence you're not, then wait until after the holiday madness and speak to someone at eBay.
    it didn't sound like a positive step when I read up.
    I already have people cancelling bids and trying to return for no reason or completely made up.

    I might just leave account to be empty for a bit, just annoying.
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    Just create another account and start over. Annoying but I'd miss those the private seller discounts to much...
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    I had a private account and decided to start selling, so changed to a business account.

    After a few months I stopped and asked somebody to change it back to a private. The person I spoke to said it was obvious I was a business and refused to change it. I then asked them to delete my account, then within minutes they put me back on a private account.
    I guess some of them are more helpful than others on the chats.
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    Interesting that no one is telling you that as a business, you acquire business legal obligations:

    distance selling
    fit for purpose
    I am not sure how this even works for 2nd hand clothes or tools or toys or hpuse hold items etc. that is my point, it's weird. and I am not a business.
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    Our account was set to business (not a business seller ebay set it up that way when they dealt with my partner) until I realised and changed it back to private. I'm unsure if that is still as simple as it was back then as it was a few years back. Maybe close the account and start again that's what I'm contemplating now too...
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    There is Zero upside to being business VS private.
    You'll also very rarely get the 80% few discount.