Ebay problem for sale of iphone

    Three weeks ago i sold a fully working Iphone and the buyer left me positive feedback. Ive now received an email stating that the phone has stopped working and demanding to return the phone. The buyer states that she has not dropped or damaged the phone. The phone was a 2g version and had usual wear and tear but was in good working order. I never had a problem with this phone and the buyer states that the screen is blank.
    if i refuse to accept the return and a paypal dispute is made, what are the chances of it going in my favour. My auction stated no returns accepted
    Ive suggested that the buyer takes it to a phone repair shop for an opinion. Is there anything else i can suggest?

    Many thanks for your comments.


    id say its not your problem anymore, shes had it and left you feedback so it was working when she got it and you stated that you dont accept returns.

    read the other thread -

    if it comes to it do you still have mobile insurance at all???? as ebay probaby will stand by the buyer - and if the phone is broken get them to return it then claim back on the insurance!

    do not accept a return just let the buyer open a claim. it will go in your favor as paypal will insist they take the phone to a specialist and get a written report stating phone broke and that it would have been sent by you broken (which would be impossible to get), so i guarantee you it will end in your favor.

    just be careful

    dont refund anything.
    once paypal claim opened by buyer you will be asked to tell paypal your side. just state that phone worked when you sentit and that your ebay feedback confirms this etc. paypal will then go back to buyer to get them to prove their case and they wont be able to. either buyer will give up & close case or if they escalate it to paypal they will decidein your favour and case will be closed, they keep phone you keep money.

    Not your problem.
    She'll have to raise it with paypal and will have to prove it.
    As long as it was working when she received it then you've done your bit!

    Original Poster

    The buyer has admitted it was working when she received it but just received an email today saying she does not feel it is her responsibility


    The buyer has admitted it was working when she received it but just … The buyer has admitted it was working when she received it but just received an email today saying she does not feel it is her responsibility

    If she wanted to warantee she should have bought a new one from a shop. i know it may sound harsh but you never know who the buyer is they may have dropped it etc but they arent going to admit that and once you have the phone back if it has been damaged it will be too late, paypal will give the buyer their money back anyway.

    just stick to your guns. it worked when you sent it what ever happens after that is the buyers problem. it took me 5 yrs off ebaying and a couple of bad experiences to realise that most people that do things like this are dishonest and will hope you dont realise that ebay & paypal will side with you as at the mo you giving in and being "kind hearted" will be the only way they get their money back.

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    Thanks for all your comments. Ive asked the seller to be more specific with the problem - not told me if it switches on or if the screen is blank or if there are any messages.
    on the screen.

    Suggested she forwards me a quote from a mobile phone repairer and ive confirmed ive taken a note of the imei number if she does have to return it.

    Lets see what come back.

    Thanks everyone

    there is the possibility that the user probably tried to jailbreak it or unlock it and fecked it all up. i have mad some of my iphones get in to the same state. you can often get it out of this state using:…tml

    but i would not recommend even telling the buyer, they do not deserve the asisstance and if i am wrong they might get in to a worse state and blame you



    If they open a dispute, make sure you draw attention to the good feedback left, and the no returns statement.
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