Ebay problem Help Please.

    I recently sold a sony C905 mobile phone on ebay i sent the item RMSD and the item was delivered ok,anyways 3 days later i get a email from the buyer saying that the fascia has a little crack on it and i had not listed that in the auction, i know it did not have a crack on it the only mark on the phone was a lillte scratch on the end call button which i put in the listing. I offered as a good will gesture to give him a refund of £4.95 so he can purchase a new fascia which he accepted and that was the end of that,but today i receive another email saying that the quality of the pics is not good when taking pictures from distance altough its ok when taking pics close up,i advised that i cannot do anything about the quality of the pictures and that the camera worked fine when i had it which it did. I have told the buyer i will not be sending him anymore money or refunding the price paid and he is not happy saying**you dont want to damage your good feedback** i have had this tried in the past and dont really care if he leaves me bad feedback as i know i have doine everything right. Where do i stand with paypal if he puts in a claim? It is listed in the listing that no returns accepted. DOes he have a case?

    Thanks all for any advice.



    No - he's trying it on.
    Tell him to eat his own ass.

    I would contact Ebay, as they will be able to see the condition of the phone on the listing, I presume it was listed with a photo. If at all possible foward the emails & your replies to Ebay too.

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    tell paypal he is blackmailing you with a threat of neg feedback before … tell paypal he is blackmailing you with a threat of neg feedback before he makes any sort of claim

    I have already phoned ebay and they have made a note of it and filled out a complaint form.:thumbsup:

    Send a copy of the email to ebay, lots of buyers are trying this now as they know you cant leave them feedback.
    Someone tried this with me recently.

    had a simila problem make sure u eamil ebay all the communication especiall the one about the feedback as they will take it serious.
    but i would not worry about the feedback if he leaves u negative feedback just do a follow up and answer his negative comments

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    This guy is now saying he is returning the phone to me,although it says in the listing **NO RETURNS ACCEPTED** What do i do?
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