eBay £1 FVF?

Posted 30th Jul 2020
Is there no eBay £1 FVF promo for this weekend, it’s been 2 weeks.
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I know. I was anticipating one as well.
Waiting here as well, doesn’t look good.
Probably yes, though I've been getting the 2% offers recently.
Just post it as a deal. You will only be one week off max
Just checked on my eBay account page and there’s a £3 FVF not the £1 one
I got a message on eBay about £1 selling fees starting today
2 weeks! Lucky you. I’ve been waiting 6 weeks but didn’t want to do the ‘does anyone know when eBay will do the £1 fees?’ post!
MadeDixonsCry30/07/2020 21:33


Thanks for the reminder @MadeDixonsCry to reset the counter. I think we are at 7 this week?

There is however, an invitation only offer from today until Mon, Aug 3. Not on my account though.
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These eBay FVF threads were the highlight of lockdown
Got a £1 offer when I just logged in. Myebay > Selling (Seller hub overview)
The offer on my account is 5% of fvf so they seam to be mixing up the offers.
I got a £3 FVF offer, £2 more?
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