Posted 11th Dec 2021
Hi all,

I totally didn't activate the recent deal (buy before end Nov and get your next 3 sells for £1) on ebay for £1 recently, doh!

Anyone heard of another deal is incoming pre Xmas?

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    I doubt you will see a similiar offer until this time next year but there will be the usual 70%/80% off, I just sold a £200 item on ebay and only paid £1, its even better than before because there arent even any paypal fee's....its literally a £
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    Ebay probably do a promo after Christmas, that's when people list up unwanted presents.
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    Meh.... The 12+% fees on ebay are steep especially when selling for over £200+

    Let's hope another deal pops up to reduce these fee's.

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    The usual pattern is some kind of seling offer(s) every other week and I think it'll be due again next weekend.
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    What a welcome respite from posts asking about reindeer, which laptop / phone to buy and asking for voucher codes.
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    I'm hoping something is live this Friday. Doubt it though, eBay will look to cash in pre-xmas and make use of the offer system post-xmas to facilitate the sale of unwanted gifts.
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    Not yet
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    I can’t wait for this deal! come on!!
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    There was one on 16th and 24th December but i didnt get the invite. Last one i got was 3rd December
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