Ebay purchase - Delivery Issue (Yodel)


    I ordered an item from a pretty big seller on ebay.
    I received a missed delivery card through the door saying the parcel has been left in a recycling bin. I checked the bin and nothing was there.

    After checking the Yodel tracking number it says it was posted through the letterbox (but it wasn't, extremely doubt it would even fit).

    I've tried contacting the seller about this and they are being very unhelpful, they are basically not replying at all and it has been over a week now.

    What can i do to resolve this?
    Any help is appreciated, thanks



    Yodel is a ebay sellers best friend.
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    I don't know how Yodel haven't gone bust yet

    their contract is with the sender so as standard with delivery companies, they'll only entertain requests and claims from the sender
    it seems to be an increasing problem that sellers aren't bothered, especially when their back is covered by paypal/ebay as it looks like in this case
    i don't understand why. if it was me, i'd fight tooth and nail to get the delivery company to pay the buyer back for their error.

    I had the same card while I was at home on 2 occasions although one was crunched up so had to flatten it out first before reading. thankfully in both my cases the parcel was in the recycle bin.

    imo do not ever use yodel! they are awful

    It is the sellers responsibility to make sure the goods arrive.Your contract is with them,not Yodel.Just use the Resolution Centre & the seller will be forced to respond


    I don't know how Yodel haven't gone bust yet

    Cos they make money selling all the parcels they don't deliver?

    I'd mail the seller once more and politely explain you are going to file a claim as you have not received the item.

    If you get no meaningful response, open a dispute as said and you'll have your money back soon

    Have you tried ringing Yodel? I had several cards/ tracking updates that were all lies and the item had been returned to depot. Although the guy on the phone said, when trying to reschedule a delivery, that it didn't look important so wouldn't bother. I contacted seller (not ebay) who ended up resending via royal mail.
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