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Found 15th May
Hi Guys,

Need some advice here. I have seen quite a few posts about item lost and buyer scam etc and have always sided with the Seller but ironically I am the buyer this time.

The item is only 40 pounds so worse case thats all I have to live with but just want to see what are my options.

Bought an item on ebay and seller posted with MyHermes Tracked Sign for. Seller has 500+ feedback with 100% positive feedback so quite confident he is legit.

Item posted last week and was supposed to arrive on Friday 11th. MyHermes sent me an email saying item to be delivered between 17:00-21:00. Worked from home all day to receive the item but it never came until 21:34 when the tracker updated to We missed you - customer not available.

Saturday 12th stayed at home all day hoping it would arrive. Got an email from MyHermes saying it would be delivered between 15:00-19:00, again no show and tracking updated at 22:55 to say We missed you - customer not available.

Sunday no update on tracker as expected then yesterday Monday 00:37 tracker changed to Delivered to neighbour. The interesting bit comes after that, which is the status tracker was changed to Sorted at regional depot at 06:09 Monday! Nearly 6 hours after it was "Delivered".

Been contacting seller on 11th and 12th as well as today to update him on the status and asked for help which he helped and contacted MyHermes. I agreed with him that if I was not in they can deliver to a neighbour at no. 11/13. Seller then confirmed that he has told MyHermes and today confirmed that MyHermes has delivered to No.10 (while I specify 11 or 13). I also contacted MyHermes to confirm that is has been left at 10.

After work, went to 10 and unsurprisingly, neighbour said no parcel for me. Contacted seller about that and contacted MyHermes. I told both the Seller and MyHermes that if the courier said it was delivered to 10 but 10 has not received it, I will consider it as Mail Theft and will report to the police for investigation. The advisor from MyHermes advisor then said the tracking was updated incorrectly and the item will be delivered tomorrow. No reply from the seller, who at this point must be thinking I am a scam buyer.

Anyone can kindly let me know what are my option in terms of claiming and reporting to the police? Should I even be reporting to the Police or there is some sort of mail theft department?

Given the good feedback of the seller, I am reluctant to believe its a seller scam and with the messed up tracking, quite sure its MyHermes, however Seller said he has sent a lot of parcel with MyHermes and this is the first time he is having issue, so I can sense that he must think I am a scam already.
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Ok, if I understand correctly, Hermes tracking has been erratic at best. They've acknowledged this - do you have this in writing? Couriers get paid around 40p per parcel, so if yours is the only one in your area, its wire common for the delivery driver to mark it as delivered (he gets paid) and then put it in the bag for delivery later when they get a few more in the same area. It shouldn't happen but it does.
As for the sender thinking you are a scammer... You shouldn't be in contact with the courier, he should. The courier is his agent, employed and paid by him to deliver to you, the customer. The onus falls squarely on his shoulders to demur to you. Your contract is with him, his contract is with you and the courier. You have no contract with the courier. The fact that you are in contact with the courier and trying to resolve it soaks volumes about your sincerity. If you were a scammer you would make a cursory enquiry then put it a claim.
Get as much as you can in writing, use online chat where possible and screenshot everything. Emails are favourable, but the time lapse is inexorably tedious.

It certainly sounds like Hermes have screwed up, and they will in all likelihood deliver it to you, but be prepared to put in a claim. If you do put in a claim you can always state in feedback that it was not the vendor but the courier that is the issue.
Hermes suck balls
Copied and pasted from the other thread you posted.

I don't see how it can be a scam from the seller... They sent the item and it's the courier messing up clearly. It's not like the seller can make up tracking numbers and get the courier to cover their scam.

I had myhermes lie on the tracking about missing me too... They can do that when the courier didn't feel like delivering... the courier just makes up you missed the delivery. It's happened once to me so I know it happens.

If you have further problems all you can do is open a case and explain the discrepancy with the tracking. That on eBay it says delivered but nothing has been delivered yet. Include screenshots of the messages with myhermes to prove everything. You should be alright then.

The seller is responsible for the courier they choose and has to refund you. They can then liaise with the courier to get their money back in case of a non delivery but that's not your problem.

The police won't be interested. The item isn't considered stolen from you until it gets in your possession. It's not yours until you receive it.
I say this based on what happened to other people who reported to the police in a similar case. It would have to be the seller to report it stolen if that's a route you wanna pursue.
Just wait until tomorrow (today) to see if it arrives
Thanks Guys. I have contacted MyHermes over web chat four times since last Friday and saved down all the transcript. From them telling me it would be delivered, to the package being delivered to neighbour and finally to them telling me to ignore it was a mistake.

Will wait and see what happen today and give an update.
What was the item?
Its just a PS4 game so only 40 pounds worth.

Update for today. As at now 11pm, item still not delivered and on the tracking page it still bizarrely say item out for delivery expected delivery today, together with the status of item delivered to neighbour dated Monday....

I had another webchat with Hermes this morning who confirmed again that the item will be delivered today.

Also update on the complaint letter I sent on Saturday night after they failed to deliver two days in a row and blamed me not being in. They replied this morning, saying that they have done a "Depot Sweep" however could not find the item, so it is now missing and asked me to talk to the sender. I guess this is because either its with the courier or the courier has stolen the item.

Talked to Seller on Ebay, who kindly agreed that it could be Hermes fault and if the item is lost he can reimburse me and claim with Hermes.

I will webchat Hermes once more tomorrow and send all the transcript and compliant letter to the seller after talking to them tomorrow. I have all the evidence in hand, the webchat from Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Today as well as the complaint reply. Hopefully these will be sufficient.
Sounds a lot like one experience I had with Hermes when I ordered an expensive item from Amazon. I contacted them several times and every time they provided conflicting information and said that it had to be Amazon to contact them to get more details. So I would contact Amazon, get them to contact Hermes, and every single time the story was different.

Initally they would just say the item was on its way and would be delivered the next day... after a few days they said there had been an issue at the sorting hub... then the courier was ill... maybe they had some sort of excuse randomiser - at least, that’s what it felt like to me.

After a week, Amazon declared it lost in transit and sent me a replacement. I don’t know what happened to the first one, but I will definitely remember the terrible experience I had trying to get accurate tracking information from Hermes.
Transcript for this morning. Will give them one last chance.
JohnHH1 h, 23 m ago

[Image] Transcript for this morning. Will give them one last chance.

I’m glad to see I’m the only one who is a bit bitchy in chat support situations such as this
Haha, loved the parting shot.

Hope you get it sorted.
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Knew this would be worth the sub.....
Did it arrive?

Item never arrived as expected. Contacted seller who will speak to them and initiate a refund and claim.

Decided to talk to them one final time to see what they have to say and got the following LOLLLL

Not all bad though, Hermes delivered my box of fag papers this morning at 9:10. Only ordered them yesterday at 18:20....

A few months ago a bloke I work with was walking his dog and saw somebody rooting through a load of parcels in the wood. Turned out they were dumping them. Guess who the delivery company were.....? You already know.
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