Found 14th Jul 2008
I just put up a Nokia 6230 on ebay about 4 hours ago but now when i just tried searching Nokia 6230 i can not find it, even when i search for items for sale by my username it says i have nothing for sale! can anyone tell me whats going on


Sounds like the listing has been removed. Did you get an 'Item listed' notification email? If so, there should be a link on there to the on that and see what happens.

Go into 'My eBay' and click on 'selling' to the left on your should show that your item is listed, click on the link it will show your auction page.


This happens a lot. 4 hours is excessive, but not unheard of. It will show soon.

What's your user name mate?

have you got auctiva on your account as that can delay for a whilezbut as a poster has mentioned 4 hours is not unheard of especially if you listed it in the evening

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yep i received an item listed notification and i can also view the listing through the my ebay sale page and my ebay username is rajaa001,
thanks all of you have been repped

myaser88 i don't think i have auctiva on my account, how do i check?

It's showing now matey :thumbsup:

its on there mate. i can see it so dont worry

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yep i just searched for it again and now its coming up thanks all!

yep all good - usually i've seen my listings take upto 2 hours but would have thought 4 a bit long. maybe ebay just very busy loading listings :-)

I got confused when this happened to me, I assumed it waqs down to some problems I had with my payment card, so I deleted all the listings by hand! What a tool...

And I have Auctiva so that explained it!
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