Found 15th Aug 2016
Friends / relatives sometimes ask me to find electronics for them.

Thought to make a quick post to ask if someone else experienced this too:
1. You buy something from eBay seller (e.g. a laptop).
2. eBay seller withdraws the money (I presume)
3. Then out of the blue, they cancel the order, and refund the money e.g. via PayPal.
4. You get no message until the order is cancelled (no headsup) - then afterwards they send a "battery stopped working, etc" message.
5. For the next 7 days or so - you don't get to access the refund until PayPal processes the refund (grr).

I'm not sure if it's a thing? I've experienced this odd occurrence twice now - both time they said "battery died".

The optimist side of me guesses the item is probably really broken. And the cancellation is a blessing in disguise. Would have preferred a heads up though.
The realist in me thinks the seller wants to to avoid neutral feedback, etc - so they cancel and refund quickly (without sending a message first); that or I need to look for newer laptops.
The cynic side of me thinks the seller is short of money - because they have about 3-4 days before PayPal takes money again from them for the refund.

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There are so many scams/cons being perpetrated on Fleabay these days it is often very difficult to determine which sellers are genuine and those that are not. That old saying of For warned is For armed would seem to suit. Knowing that not all is as it seems sometimes I can only advise that you exercise extreme caution in any dealings you enter into.

Maybe they only test when they wrap it to send. Would make sense if they have loads of them. Annoying though


Sounds like someone is short of money for a couple of days & shoves an add on ebay to get them by.

I find this happens when an auction does not reach as high as the seller wanted.

Laptops usually sold without a guaranteed battery, so would think they wanted a short term loan
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