Ebay question??????????

    I bought an item 3 months ago he replies to my first message 3 weeks after i purchased it but still didnt recieve the item. He tells me he was involved in a car accident (a bad one) and that i shouldnt bother him. I left it 2 weeks and messaged him agian he didnt say anything in return than the other day i went on e bay for first time since than and find out he is no longer registered. I have not recieved my item and i have lost money. how do i get a refund now. ??????????


    If its under 90 days you should be ok. I would call eBay asap


    Should of put a claim in ages ago

    Totally agree!! within a maximum of 10 days of not receiving it!

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    He has over 400 positive feedback


    You were scammed he delayed you until you were out of the 45 paypal … You were scammed he delayed you until you were out of the 45 paypal window.Not a lot you can do small calims if you have his correct details, chances are you don't. If you fundede by credit card you can *try* a chargeback.

    I stand corrected, 45 days is correct not the 90 i said!! doh!

    From the Paypal website;

    You have 45 days from the payment date to open a dispute.

    You must wait 7 days to allow for delivery before opening a dispute for an item not received. Transactions older than 45 days cannot be disputed but should still be reported. PayPal tracks seller performance trends in the event we need to take action to protect other buyers

    But if you paid via credit card you can do a chargeback.


    That's what I mean others probably had the sense to report him hence why … That's what I mean others probably had the sense to report him hence why he is now NARU.

    Totally agree, doesnt matter if the seller has a feedback of 1 or 100000 no item received report paypal says after 7 days.

    OP - how much money are you talking about?

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    im not talking about much money about £5 but its quite annoying that i kept trying to contact him and he wernt replying than deleted his ebay account he done this to 10 other ppeople looking at his feedback.

    Possible hacked account, this sometimes explains high positive feedback

    i would have reported after about 2 weeks

    I know £5 is £5 but the claim should have been put in ages ago regardless of the seller personal issues.

    I would take it on the chin and send one last abusive email to the seller for piece of mind X)

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    i have done and requested payment through paypal the user is cockmoosie

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    wait misread hes done to one other person not 10

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    i was also on holiday for 2 weeks of it and i didnt look on ebay until yesterday and realised i remembered paying for somet i never saw
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