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I listed an item on ebay and it sold for £410. I sent an invoice and when I was paid it was an address in Denmark to send it to.

My item said will dispatch to United Kingdom only, and the postage paid was for a UK address. It is a large item, and I didn't want the hassle of sending it internationally which is why I specifically ticked UK only.

What should I do about it? I don't really have the time to research the best carrier for Denmark and package it for international and then it needs to be fully insured, and the postage will clearly be a lot higher on an item of this size/value and I'd have to get a second payment.. etc.

Should I just refund him, explain that it's for UK bidders only which was specified and risk getting a negative feedback, and offer second chance to the next person? Don't know why people can't read the item description if they're bidding on an item only listed on Ebay UK surely they would check first!


I had a similar problem,
I emailed the buyer and explained that it was UK only posting,
I gave them the extra quote for international postage
but they agreed to cancel the transaction.

I also had written UK ONLY on my listings and it was free postage so the penny should have dropped really!

Hope it gets sorted soon.


send him a message stating that the sale was for uk postage only as stated, then add the extra postage on that he will have to pay and advise him if he is not prepared to pay it then you will reimburse him minus any costs you have incurred as it does state uk postage only.....
oh yes and call him a cabbage .... when its done of course and feedback has already been made :thumbsup:

Refund him in full, by clicking on the refund button in your Paypal account.
Then claim your FVF back.

What was the item number?

Do you have the option checked in your buyers preferences to only allow bids from people who are in countrys to which you post? If not, go check it...then at least in future people who are outside of the UK won't be able to bid on your UK only auctions.

Original Poster

I have informed him and now he is arguing that as my postage was so high he assumed I could have it sent anywhere. It's £25 postage on an item that costs £15 parcelforce but costs £5 extra insurance and has to be packed very securely.. I am trying to remain calm and polite but sometimes it is quite hard. I have offered him the option for me to look into higher postage for international or to refund his payment but it looks like he doesn't want to fork out any more money.

Your listing stated will ship to UK only I assume?

If so, its his fault for not reading your listing properly. Tell him this and give him the option of paying extra or being refunded. End of

Just refund him; assumptions are meaningless. He was stupid not to fully read a legally binding contract.

yes just refund, you stated your terms, he chose to ignore them

I don't understand how they managed to bid.
What is the item number? PM me or email me @ [email protected]googlemail.com if you don't want your ID on the boards.
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