ebay question - removing a listed item


I've listed something on ebay that I want to keep now. Can I remove it there is 1 bidder at the mo

my only other alternative seems to be getting one of my mates to bid a stupid amount on it so no-one wins it



you can remove it, i'll find the link on how to stop it

click the dropdown box to the right of the item & choose 'end item '... then you will have the option to cancel any bids that are placed on it (you can only do this if there are more than 12 hours left before the item ends.)

Woudlnt recommend getting someone to put a big bid in either as this will mean that you will pay a larger final selling cost in ebay fees if it is an expensive item

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thanks - sorted it - I was looking for the option from the main item page nit the my selling bit.

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