Ebay question (sorry) item arrived damaged think due to packaging?

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Found 18th Dec 2010
Apologies for question I have tried to search on ebay but struggling to find answer.
My partner has just received a jumper through the post. When we got it, it was wrapped neatly but only in brown paper. I had noticed a small rip in the paper but didn't think anything about it.
When he opened it the jumper has a small hole on the shoulder, very odd place not near stitching or anything. I cannot see this in the picture so presume it has happened in the post.
What do we need to do. I haven't contacted seller yet thought I better get my facts straight. Does someone claim off post office or is it his fault for not wrapping very well. it perhaps should have been in a few more layers or a plastic bag inside brown paper.
The seller has good feedback so I do think this is a fault with the packaging and that it has ripped not him trying to con.

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Raise an "Item not as described" dispute. You will have to return it to the seller at your cost via a recorded method and then Paypal will refund.

Or, send a polite message and the seller may refund or part refund without returning, depending on value.

It would be up to the seller to contact royal mail in regards to a claim etc.. Best thing you can do is contact seller, If he says it was already like that then you can probably file a not as described claim, I'd hope he'd offer you a refund.

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Thank you for your help.
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