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I want to employ a slave at some point over the next couple of weeks to list all of my CDs, DVDs, books, and general spare hardware on eBay. I know there's the new listings fee structue where it's free to list and eBay just buttrape you for fees afterwards, and I'm fine with that (in fact, it should work out nicely for me), but are there any limits on how many items I can have listed at any one time, or any other catches I should be aware of? Also, when you're mostly listing items by EAN barcode numbers, does the Turbolister make life easier at all?

If anyone has any experience with mass-listing of CDs and DVDs and all that sort of thing, I'd be interested to hear any advice you can give me. Rep is, as ever, waiting.


No there is no limits on the number of items you can list at one time but some people might expect discounts if they buy more than one item.

Be careful you don't get caught out with the now obligatory free postage, i don't know if that is just dvd's, or cd's as well :thumbsup:

yup must have free p+p for dvds, cds

free listing on dvd's but also free listing if started under 99p... also remember 10% ebay fees and paypal fees

if im listing more than 10 dvd's i put them as one big joblot..... normally get £100 for 50 dvd's.... i got over £300 for 75 dvd's one time

auction style listings starting 99p or under are free to list, so no listing fee there at all and its unlimited with regards to the volume you are listing as long as each starting price is 99p or under.

With regards to postage costs, DVDs are set to free so you cant charge P&P for DVDs. For all other maximum postage costs for each category, click here ]http//pa…tml

Happy ebaying! and remember your dungarees and barrel so that the bay can whip them down and put you over it when it comes to paying the Final Value Fees Cheers.


To help work out how much you'd be losing to eBay and Paypal you can try this ]eBay fee calculator
I used it when I had some Wii Fits to sell, worked out that I would have actually made a loss on eBay and so I sold them at a car boot sale instead

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Cool, thanks a lot everyone. I'll give my slave a shout now, and see when she's good to come over.
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