Ebay & quidco abuse?

Hi there

I noticed when you click through quidco to ebay it says about merchant abuse, however what does quidco or ebay for that matter define as abuse?

I currently have 14 pending transactions in quidco for ebay, but im thinking about buying 16 more things off ebay, all seperate buy it nows. So in total id have 30 transactions!

Does anyone actually know what they define as abuse? I dont actually get why they would call it abuse to buy things. If ebay had a problem with referral sites then surely they wouldnt be involved in any? and lets face it there still making money. Im really confused....

Whats everyone think?


No I don't think so..if it's legit....I reckon there must be a loophole or something that some people know about and take advantage of....only me guessing tho.......from past experience:oops:

i think abuse would be setting up fake auctions and transferring paypal money from one account to another, probably hundreds of times to make money from quidco, probably happened before, so they put a limit a limit and security filters out there

Agree with the above..

As long as your making legit purchases you can make as many transactions through quidco to ebay as you want,that isn't abuse at all

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thanks for that guys, i feel better now.... oh well im off shoppin lol
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