Found 23rd Jul 2009
Never used eBay with Quidco before. From what I understand I get 40% of the listing fees?

Anyways, could someone tell me the cashback amount I'm entitled to for a HDD costing £42.95?

Rep for all help.




Probably about 5p max

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Probably about 5p max

lol :thumbsup:

Hi there

You will get ******
If its buy it now for eg.
To list might be £1.00+£0.25 buy it now.
So you get £0.31 maybe.
Not 100% sure on figures but thats how it works. cashback
Please read the following before proceeding:
Abuse of this programme will not be tolerated. Please remember that according to the Quidco T&Cs, accounts can be terminated without notice if there are patterns of merchant exploitation.
Ebay tracks when you pay for the item at the end of the auction so please ensure you go through Quidco when you pay. The cashback amount is based on a percentage of eBay's revenue, not the final auction price.
Please note; enquiries cannot be submitted to eBay querying the amount of cashback you receive. The cashback is based on eBay revenue and the amount you receive is the final decision from eBay.
Earnings enquiries for Sale amounts under £1.00 will not be supported for this merchant.
If something is not accurate in this warning, please let us know. Questions? Contact Us. Click on the button below to carry on and visit
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Why Shop with eBay
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For genuine tracked transactions completed wholly online, you can earn:
40% for winning a eBay auction or Buy It Now item. This amount is based on eBay revenue - not on the price you pay.
Good luck;-)

Ive been doing it for a while
i bought a phone for aroun 50 and got about 50p back
i bought headphones for 26 and got over a pound back
depends what you buy
i reacon its worth it as it all adds up
remember to use quicdco when you bid and when you pay
reacon ive got a total of a tenner from ebay quidco at the mo lol
every little helps

06 Oct 2008 £5.99 £0.23 paid30 Jan 2009
15 Oct 2008 £7.00 £0.14 paid30 Jan 2009
19 Oct 2008 £15.00 £0.47 paid30 Jan 2009
27 Oct 2008 £8.95 £0.22 paid30 Jan 2009
27 Oct 2008 £8.95 £0.02 paid30 Jan 2009

some examples from my account to give you an idea :thumbsup:


06 Oct 2008 £5.99 £0.23 paid30 Jan 200915 Oct 2008 0 … 06 Oct 2008 £5.99 £0.23 paid30 Jan 200915 Oct 2008 £7.00 £0.14 paid30 Jan 200919 Oct 2008 £15.00 £0.47 paid30 Jan 200927 Oct 2008 £8.95 £0.22 paid30 Jan 200927 Oct 2008 £8.95 £0.02 paid30 Jan 2009some examples from my account to give you an idea :thumbsup:

All in all pretty random :lol:
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