ebay randomness

last nite i bid on an item just b4 i went to bed, then i got up this morning i had an email to say i'd won blah blah. but anyway when i clicked on the item to pay it said this item was paid for thru paypal on tuesday 13th. but i hadnt paid for it:?

anyway it was only £1.50 so i payed again just to make sure lol.

just thought i'd share this with everyone lol. anyone had this happen to them?


never heard of that happening before. checked your paypal recent transactions for dupes?

That's bizarre!

I'd check your account - it might just be £1.50 this time but next time there could be a couple of 00's added!

Always suspicious me!

Sounds dodgy. Have you got the item number and I'll have a look for you if you wish. PM it if you don't want it on the forum.
Alternatively I'm sure Dinosteveus will be around later to help

Original Poster

hmm, yeah i didnt check my paypal transactions, i'll do that now....

Sounds like an ebay glitch.
You need to check your Paypal account. I presume you didn't receive an email from paypal confirming payment?

Original Poster

no money has been taken that shouldnt, but when i just clicked on the payment status link it said "you cannot view this as you are neither the buyer or the seller" - weird. anyway i have been left feedback, so i assume all is ok.
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