Ebay refund help please!

    I bought an item on ebay using paypal (with the money coming from my credit card). The seller has refunded me, I recieved and email from paypal saying so, however there is no money in my paypal account.

    Will the money have been added directly back onto my credit card?

    Rep to anyone that can help! Thanks


    Yes, if you paid by credit card the money will go back onto your credit card.
    You should see the details of the transaction appear in your transaction history....
    If not, call PayPal who will be happy to help.

    Refunded back to your Credit Card. If you would have funded it from your Bank it would have been refunded back to Paypal balance

    It will take a couple of days to show on the card you paid with

    Original Poster

    Thats great, found some info that says it's pending until 6th July so hopefully it will go back on my card then. Thanks.

    any time you pay with a credit card or debit card if you go for a refund then it will go back on the card you purchased with. I believe its a money laundering prevention process.

    I had this a few week's ago with a PS3. Payed £200, and the seller refunded it. Paypal actually kept the funds to themselves for around about 2 weeks, then it was funded back into my paypal account. (Temporary hold i believe)
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