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    I need some advice and guidance, i recently sold an HTC HD2 on Ebay , about 6 weeks ago, the phone i bought from ebay only 2 months prior, the phone worked and was in good condition, and was under warranty, when i sold it. The buyer recently opened a case against me for as the phone started to resart it self, he complained about it saying the phone wasnt as described i disagreed and asked ebay to resolve, they found in his favour, i was not pleased but he sent the phone back i recieved it and it was physically damaged the warranty seal was tampered with and this wasnt the case when i sold it, i appealed this on ebay case and they rejected saying the phone wasnt as described but the buyers case was the wasnt physically damaged but the software kept making it restart and even that is not true if had the phone back 1 week and it hasnt restarted once. I am very very angry can anyone advise what i can do.



    what i can do


    Not much you can do :(, Don't sell on ebay and maybe pay him a visit

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    and he hasnt given me back the charger, i just noticed as the battery is now needing a charge..

    go round his house and collect the charger with a base ball bat

    Ive stopped selling things ebay as all i hear is people being ripped off. Its becoming a joke and people still use it. I only use ebay to buy cheap items that are a couple of £. Its been ruined by all the scammers and its not worth it anymore! I hope you manage to get something but i dont think ive heard anyone say that ebay have sided with them, its always the buyer!

    its sad.. sorry

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    thanks for the replies all, i rang customer support and was very annoyed and made them aware how i was, they didnt budge so i emailed them and said i would close my ebay account and never use it again and would tell all of my friends and family to never use Ebay and i would report to Office of fair trade, they replied and said they understand my appeal and can see i have been mis treated and would refund me in 7 days, good result for me but i am still not happy with there service.
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