Ebay restricts selling gift cards why is that

Posted 10th Jan 2023 (Posted 1 h, 50 m ago)
tried to sell wickes gift card but as it was over £100 why wont they list it, any ideas where to sell its just over 1,000
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    Cardyard? eBay started restricting because there probably have been too many cases of fraud (both buyer and seller side).
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    Thought it was also partly to do with money laundering. Huge numbers of vouchers being bought with cash proceeds of crime, then sold at slight discount to face value on eBay, legitimising the money as trading profit that then could enter the international financial system with no questions asked (unlike unexplained bags of cash at a bank branch).
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    Not just fraud, but it's easier to perform money laundering - which is against the law in the UK!
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