Posted 30th Nov 2021
Another eBay issue by looking at previous threads it's a problem..

So I sold a heater on eBay several months ago. I had a consignment of around 15 different brands but all pretty much the same thing.
So all sold pretty quickly as I was the cheapest as I just wanted them off my hands.
No problem.and every order went smoothly. Haven't sold anything for the last few months on my eBay.
So the other week a buyer messaged me they had purchased the heater in the summer and went to use it and it keeps going out after a while.
So this happened on the 15th. As I wasn't selling on eBay I hadn't checked the message. On the 17th the opened a dispute through there credit card or PayPal I have been told.
Dispute close date was on the 20th.
When I logged onto eBay on the 20th by random chance as I was looking to buy a item I seen the message.
I went to the dispute console. I was offered 2 options. Accept responsibility and refund the seller, no return or option to repair.
2nd option was to dispute and provide evidence of a photo of the item not faulty. No options for comments or anything else plus no return from the buyer either.
So I contacted eBay helpline. I said it's outside eBay's return time and never experienced this before. Was told to follow the dispute and I said the 2 options both favour the buyer and I am left to lose on both occasions. I asked how can I provide evidence for a item that was sold brand new boxed. I said yes there is a possibility it could be faulty but surely I would have the option for return and refund or return and repair as offered by the consumer protection law as the item was sold more then 6 months ago. Also said how can you have a dispute option where no comments are allowed plus there has been no evidence provided by the buyer that the item is actually faulty.
And how can the process all be done within 3 days from date the dispute is opened and closed.
All went on deaf ears and eBay refunded the buyer and surprise no item has been returned. Plus the cheek of being charged a extra £14 for not responding to the dispute panel.

Just wanted to know if I do have any rights as a seller that the law allows through the consumer protection act. As eBay have there own rules where no law applies ?
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