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    Do paypal not offer protection?

    Being taken off buyer protection is reserved for very VERY severe cases. In fact they' wouldn't do it unless they had reason to believe you were acting fraudulently, not saying you were, but it would take a lot of items "not arriving" before they did this to you.

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    Do paypal not offer protection?

    They do but the item has already been returned so how would i go about opening a paypal case? would they not just say why did you return it why didnt ebay resolve this???

    go through PayPal , unless you've also had problems with them in the past....they 99% of the time refund your money..

    Should have opened a dispute with PayPal first before returning if you knew you had no protection with eBay. I've never had to use PayPal for a refund. You could try and see if you can still do it. I Assume you have proof of return postage via recorded delivery

    I would also try contacting PayPal. They are usually very helpful.

    Are you the same person who keeps buying phones from CEX that later transpire to be stolen?

    I'd also take proof that seller has relisted the returned item if possible links/screen grabs ect.. as further proof you have returned the item to seller

    Once bitten twice shy

    Looking through your previous threads, I would say it's time you forgot about ebay, either as a buyer or a seller. It looks like disputes follow you around.


    Are you the same person who keeps buying phones from CEX that later … Are you the same person who keeps buying phones from CEX that later transpire to be stolen?

    LOL in all honesty looking at posts this guys one unlucky mofo or

    You must be a baddun if ebay has removed your buyer protection chook

    I think you have two choices. one is take it up with PayPal, the second is take it to the small claims court. Just Google it to find out the process.

    What about your credit card, assuming Paypal deduct from it?

    Use Twitter if you have to. Customer service departments take Twitter complaints more seriously as its an open forum not a 121 thing.

    Can I have your eBay ID so I can block you?


    Can I have your eBay ID so I can block you?

    ​lol I was thinking the same thing.
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    Agreed, you sound like a nuisance eBayer.

    eBay reserve these spaces for the extra special, there's a difference between one or two problems and outright problematic behaviour

    They would only do this if your return rate was really bad and your seller status was bad.

    How about you just leave eBay all together and start shopping locally, then you won't have this problem.

    Customers like you give us sellers a hard time.

    eBay have really stepped their game up in the last year's and if they feel your not worthy of protection, you are not as innocent as your making out.

    eBay need to just life ban problematic buyers.

    You setup a returns, posted the item back, then left negative feedback in less than 48 hours.

    Business sellers have up to 48 hours to respond and that does not include the weekend.

    I would have done the same then had your feedback removed for breaking feedback policy rules. Any type of returns there has to be some level of understanding and patience.

    They were good enough and accepted your return and sent a label.

    You are the type that are the pet peeve of good eBayers.

    So sorry he did not respond to you when you wanted and feel bad he felt the wrath of your tantrum!

    Hopefully he knows what his doing and has your feedback removed. When you buy from eBay your feedback should be based on the seller, not the product.

    They have the reviews section for you to rate the product and in this case, it seems they offered a decent return service to you so no need to react in the way you did.

    Please eBay ban this buyer
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