Ebay Returns policies for seller, Help needed.

    Hi all, need a little help as to what I should do.

    Basically sold a WD My Passports Essentials HD which was BNIB and have stated in the returns description that returns will only be accepted if the item is UNOPENED and UNUSED.

    The buyer has mailed back saying that they have opened the box and used the drive, but there has been a problem with the driver i.e. not enough power from their computer USB port.

    I know certain things are not covered for returns i.e. sealed software etc. and want to know what I can do regards this return. As he has opened and used the drive do I have to accept the return? Can I reject the return on the basis he has opened and used the drive?
    Also if I have to accept the return can I charge a fee for an item returned as used?

    Thanks for your help in advance guys, rep for helpful posts.


    if it's a genuine fault then you should accept it back as you have sold them a faulty item, get them to send it back and test it yourself


    Sounds like his computer is broken

    I dont know a lot about computers but, surely they should have checked this before buying ?" i.e. not enough power from their computer USB port"

    how long did he have it for before he said it was faulty? he probably just wanted to backup some stuff while formatting or something stupid

    Get them to test the drive with another computer - If its a faulty drive then its your responsibility, so accept and refund. But if its not a faulty drive then you dont have to accept it... Ask them that they will have to pay for the P&P and extra for opening the drive.

    By the sounds of it the problem is with his pc not the item you sold him ! so no you should not have to accept a return, his/her error ! Also if you did refund etc then you would not be able to sell again as 'new ,unopened' as you did to this buyer so would not get as much so you would be out of pocket !! My guess is buyer needs to upgrade his pc !!!

    Tell them to buy a powered USB hub and conect it via that.

    I have a drive similar to this and it needs a two into one usb lead were two plugs go into the pc to get enough power to work the drive.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all your help, rep left.
    I will tell him that he can return for refund but only if he is willing to take some damage on what he has paid.
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