Posted 28th Jul 2020
Hi All,

This is a new one for me on ebay, wondering if its ever been done to anyone else before.

Bought an item from ebay on Friday Night, Buyer says they will post it out on Monday Second Class. Today got a notification from Ebay saying parcel had been delivered.
Now its not signed for tracking, its just normal tracking, which does not make sense to me.

So here's the odd part, so the tracking number on ebay, links over to Royal Mail, and it confirms the item was delivered today, but it says by Glasgow DO.
Well I don't live in Glasgow, I live in London.

I contacted the buyer and they said they don't believe me as they said the tracking confirms it was delivered. I mean it was , but not to me.

If I go to ebay and try to open an item not received , it keeps saying that the tracking number provided confirms I have received the item today.
The only way I can show I had not received it was that it was delivery was made by Glasgow DO, but the tracking info does not show a delivery address.
And it also never shows the parcel being dropped off at any post office at all.

Any thoughts ?
Many thanks for any input.
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