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Found 29th Apr 2007
Hey there,

I'm wanting to know if its possible to run a promotion on ebay.

ie buy one item for £35 or buy 2 and save £10.

I should have an ebay shop set up in the next month or so, once my supplier has got back to me.
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If you do a multiple listing format than all items are the same buy it now price,if you do like a dutch format auction then its whatever people bid.
If you were to list an item on eBay and put in listing if you buy this I can sell you another less £10 than if eBay would see that as getting out your eBay fees and take off the listing.
Another way round it would be to list the item at one price then on another listing at the price you want a 2nd to go for but you going get people buy the lowest price item and you would have to sell it to them at that price,people don't always read the whole listing page so that wouldn't likely to work either as people may only want 1 item and want the lowest available. Again you going get people who want to trade within eBay so its not the case of asking after they buy if they want a 2nd item but at a discount.
Could it be possible to run it through postage as well if for example you said buy an extra item and save so much on postage?

Now you got me really curious as to what your going to sell mate.
If you wanting to give some kind of discount then it be postage free or like If I send 2 or more items to an address its discounted.
I've seen some people like put free gift if spending over so much,think thats ok aslong as you declare what it is.I haven't got an eBay shop so maybe you have more options than just regular listing.
Yeh you had me thinking about this in bed last night...
Another way you could do it is on the invoice there is a box you can add on or take off an amount,you could do it this way but then you are paying eBay an ending fee ont he actual price the item sold for. Also say you had a buy it now item and you going take Paypal,If I sell this way I do immediate payment only,this saves the messing about with people buying and not paying up.
Most people want to pay by Paypal these days,hardly anybody sends a cheque or postal orders.
I'll probably do this buy making it a paypal only promotion so that if you pay via paypal, then i think there would be a way of refunding £10 on a multiple purchase.

it still means i will be paying for 2 ending fees.

My brother wants to take the easy route sell the items at a flat rate of £30 with no offers. the only reason i wanted the offer way of selling is so that if an ebay customer only bought 1 item at £35 then its a £5 profit less fees, if they buy 2 you get the £10 discount...

crikey, headbuts keyboard and asleep zzzzz
oooh think i've found my ]solution
Yeh as I said before you can edit the invoice,but thats only if you can get to do the invoice 1st. You will get people who just pay straight away regardless of whats typed in listing about discount,sometimes people just don't read!
I mean say you sell worldwide,you could be in bed when someone from America buys and you can't be at computer all time when something sells,maybe there a tool on eBay that does invoices automatically,I do everything myself as I see it comes in.

If your taking Paypal immediate payment to save being messed about,then if you do refund £10 or whatever make sure you do it of the original transaction,as then you pay less Paypal fee off your original payment you took. Also if you sending £10 to a buyer back by normal sending money,they going have 50p fee or whatever less off it and ain't going be happy!
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