Found 27th Nov 2007
i thought id introduce a little ebay scam in progress and show people so they dont get ripped off so easly

ebay item number 110197253109 , cut and paste this into search on ebay so you can see the item

now what your looking at is an advert for a phone , you will notice the price is ohhhhh say 10 times its real worth , the price is to guarentee a sale to the highest bidder , a bidder who will agree to retract his bid just after then end of the auction so hence not incur ebay cost , feedback will be left and this is the issue , the whole auction is to create feedback , both the seller and buyers will be the same person , note i said buyers , yep retracting the bid after sale means a second chance for the next highest bidder and sure enough yet more feedback and yet another withdrawn item etc , the avarage scammer will create over 10 members names and cross sell to each other out bidding everyone else who bids

but why all this you may ask

once feedback has reached over 10 people get trustworthy so sure enough an expensive electrical item will be placed for sale and once funds have been recieved the seller will go missing , the item will never be sent as it simply doesnt exsist , also this person can and will bid on items , win them , pay and say they never arive even though they did

how to spot them is simple , click that feedback and read the names , click on one of the names on there feedbackand see the same names posted again , if so its a scam , report instantly

stay safe


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heres a thing , click towatch item and give it a week and watch the feedback be upto 11 , then check on who brought what , ill bet its the same people

and dont forget folks


seems english is really a second language in glasgow

This used to happen with the ebooks too. I once almost bought something expensive from someone with +50 f/b, only to look and find all they had bought and sold were 99p ebooks. I'm sure I would have got ripped off there!

What happens to fvf fee's though as they would have to be paid still and £900 smackers would incur high fee's!

If both parties withdraw from the sale, fvfs are refunded cos nothings been sold.

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nope , he retracts the bids progressively so the winner gets feedback then retracts that bid down to the next lowest bidder ( also him ) which feedback is also left and then retracted etc etc untill either he has all the feeback he wants on all his accounts and a bill for the very first bid ( a quid normally ) which hes happy to pay , if its a real person whos the first bider then the second bidder wins the item

ive informmed ebay to this explaining how to stop this but after telling them 10 times and recieving a generic ```we will look into it `` then i started telling the highest bidders but now ebay has stopped cross communications between members i cant do this ,,,, so i tell you folks and hope for the best , i once opened an account called something like scamkiller or something like that and would bid on them , i would offer full payment in cash in person , no-one took me up on the offer as for a start there not in the uk even though listed as such

got to love ebay and its attitute to its members

I tried your number on eBay nothing came up. the item could be pulled.

I assume the jibe about Glasgow related to the poster on eBay claiming they came from there. Uncalled for, especially since the phrase "pot kettle black comes to mind".
Examples from your own last post.

"if its a real person [COLOR=red]whos[/COLOR] the first"
"[COLOR=black]no-one[/COLOR] took me up on the offer as for a start[COLOR=red] there[/COLOR] not in the uk even though listed as such".
We all make mistakes please do not be flippant about a persons origins.

Izzy, I haven't got a clue what you just said?

0 items found for: 110197253109 ?


I sold to someone doing something similar, he was buying a load of … I sold to someone doing something similar, he was buying a load of ebooks. I think he withdrew his bid from me expecting some feedback, I told him in all fairness I'm not going to leave any feedback as he wasted my time. He left me positive though, I reported his behaviour to ebay who said they didn't see anything wrong with it. (*******s).

If somebody 'withdraws their bid' they can't leave feedback as they're not part of the auction any more. Or are you talking about something completely different, as in, he refused to pay after winning.

far too complicated.....instead search for 1p wallpaper or 1c wallpaper

these are auctions for things like wallpapers....never generates a sale........does generate feedback.

I saw one account that had built up nearly 2000 fb in 14 days before the account was pulled.

Ebay is a joke frankly.....if buying pretty much anything ask if you can collect and pay cash (even if you're not going to do that) and if their response is less then helpful don't bid.

There's at least one 'ring' selling processors in the UK and the latest ebay 'upgrade' blocking the ability to see the user names of who's bidding guarantees that sellers are shilling all over the shop. But as Ebay get more from the final sale value they have no vested interest in stopping it.

If you want to have a laugh look at any auction where there are a few of the items and one or two of them attracting 5-10 times the number of bids of other identical items...guaranteed shilling seller.
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