ebay scam?

Hi i was recently bidding on some speakers on ebay and lost out,i then got a email saying that i can have them at my last bidding price,

i then get this email-

The price is your last bid ( for one units ) and the shipping is included
in the price.
I have for sell more units,if you will buy more,i will make
you an considerable discount.Please let my know,how much units do you want
to buy. Since the higher bidder doesn't have all the money available for
this item,you receive this second chance offer which is a service allowed
by eBay. In this case, the price for the item will be your last bid on the
auction.so if you agree with this price email me back and we
will start the deal through eBay right now. Email me also with your
full details:
-ebay user id:
-first name:
-last name:
-Zip code:
Ebay will contact you with the invoice and you will receive all the
details and terms that eBay will set up for this second chance offer
regarding our deal,so this transaction will be made in a safe mode for
both of us.Many thanks and look forward hearing from you!

What do you guys rekon?looks strange to me


The second chance offer should come via Ebay not by direct email, looks a bit dodgy to me! Don't give out your details, if it was genuine they would already have you Ebay username and don't need the rest until you have bought the item.

Hello. Yes it does look a bit strange. Did the second chance offer come through eBay and can you see if on your account?

E-Mail EBay and ask them!
2nd chance offers do happen!

Original Poster

didnt give me the offer through ebay which i thought was strange,ive just asked him for his ebay user name

It's a scam. Report to Ebay.

the only way you can be protected is if the offer is made through eBay and a message should appear in you message box on there

Dodgy, and the written English isnt very good, probably Nigerian scammer, i got plenty of emails when i was selling my phones on there a while ago


" so this transaction will be made in a safe mode for
both of us. "

That's what screams scam to me, any normal person sending a second chance offer through eBay wouldnt need to do a paragraph chatting **** lol

This sounds like a scam, report it to ebay.
Second chance offers will always go through ebay.
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