Ebay Scam with Lego- Help Needed

Posted 24th Sep 2022

I need help with a scam that has taken place on Ebay.

I purchased a Lego Porsche GT3 on Ebay for £350 which is considered "cheap" for that set.
The seller had 25 feedback and the account is a couple of years old.
I received no tracking info and suddenly I got a notification to say it has been delivered- now tracking had been added.

It had been "signed for" by someone- lets call them "smith".
I messaged the seller- no response.

After lots of digging I discovered Smith moved out of number 67- (I am Number 55) a number a years ago. He also owned a LTD company whilst he lived on the street so his details are readily available online.

I spoke Royal mail who said the parcel was large letter sized and weighed 100g (A lot smaller than a lego set)
I later spoke to out postie (same one we have had for many years) and he remembered the actual parcel as he saw the name and thought- Oh smith moved out - but he put it through the letter box and signed for it himself (covid protocol). He also said it was a small packet

Unfortunatly the house that the parcel arrived it is empty so I can't get access to it.

Ebay have ruled the case in the favour of the seller as the item shows as delivered and signed for. Paypal will take the same approach.

Im at a loss here. How do I tackle this? I have read online that many have lost out to similar scams.
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