eBay - Scammed?

Posted 17th Jul 2020
Bit of a peculiar situation.

I sold a Game Boy Advance Game named Pokemon Fire Red which is very collectable these days, presumably for the nostalgia benefits. Sold via eBay Auction with No Returns Accepted. The reason for this is because there are a lot of fake/replica Cartridges out there which are worthless.
I have owned mine along with the GameBoy Advance since New, including the original box and manual and am completely sure it is an original and genuine cartridge.
I took a YouTube video, along with taking the back off the cartridge to include the circuit board of the game. Unfortunately these were taken after the listing went live but

I emailed everybody that had already bid in the auction since somebody else had asked me to check the authenticity (They were happy with the circuit board!)

One of the people that already bid was the ultimate winner of the auction. He had re-bid AFTER I sent the close up photos and Video as a courtesy, including a video of the cartridge going into the GameBoy and loading up.

He has now received the Cartridge and sent a Return request - I quote - "Hi mate, I have recieved the item, the game case feels a bit loose and the game case looks alot lighter than the photos." With the Return Request of "Doesn't match description or photos"

I then replied back stating I had sent him the Video & Photos and what do you mean by a bit loose. There's only one screw on the back of the cartridge and it can be tightened. He can also take the back off the cartridge at the same time and thereby confirming it's the genuine game, because I 100% know it is. I said that I put no returns because there are a lot of fakes out there and somebody could swap the cartridge and send me a fake.....

His reply to that is: "I can't take it apart as I don't have the right screwdriver for it. So basically you sent me a fake and because you said "no returns" I can't send it back. I'll escalate the case to eBay then"

It sold for £65 and that money was a surprise gift for a family member who is in financial troubles. I'm just really angry that I feel he is playing me by being so vague in his replies, with no photo evidence of what he means. And I'm frustrated knowing that eBay are going to eventually always side with the buyer I have 854 feedback, 100% positive. Obviously I'll get a negative on this but the way he replies just screams alarm bells of a scam to me.
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