Ebay scammer?


I was stupid enough to buy a preorder on a game from him 2 months ago (taking into mind his feedback - not just the feedback hes got from the people who obviously havent even got thier game yet because its not out yet but the feedback from the DS's hes sold) The game still isnt out for another 2 months but ive just realised that i have no cover from Ebay or Paypal if he dosent send me the game because the 60 day limit will of been passed, infact im pretty sure the ebay listing 220438276558 will be removed from ebays system in a few days. Just to confirm is there no way at all i would be able to file a claim against him if he dosent send me it? if so i feel sorry for those who have payed 100 pounds+ to preorder CoD MW2 special edition.



Couldn't you call or email Paypal to discuss this? and get a refund


the feedback s well dodgy, people have been saying the item has "fast delivery,A+ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" even though states wont be sent until release date? its defo a scam but an elaborate one. If all previous purchases are iffy they have taken some time to get feedback for them all,

hmm still smells strange to me

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I defo wont be doing this again but i want to put a stop to this guy, hes scammed a lot more than just the 26 pound from me and hes getting away with it! im gonna message sellers hes sold to in the past and ask if they got the items.

I contacted ebay as the 45 day rule was obviously past.
I explained that I was not happy, as a customer, to ever shop on ebay again if it was so easy to lose money.

Paypal also have the same 45 day rule, I asked ebay WHY they allow pre-order items, why dont they have a keyword filter to stop these auctions from even being put up?

Anyway, They emailed me AFTER I payed for the item and told me the listing was down.
I contacted the seller and he showed me another listing and said it was still up lol.....

So I knew from then on it was dodgy, also his feedback. as mentioned above. The guys that say 'fast delivery' never replied to me when I asked them why they had left feedback for an item they havnt got!!!

So ebay reply, telling me that they will help the police with enquiries If I wish to involve them.
Sekalazare's last email to me was "yes, the game will come on release date' He then never replied when I asked him why it wasnt here.

So I write one last email titled 'NOTICE FROM AUTHORITIES' I then explain that ebay have adviced me to involve the police and that they would be happy to help them trace you through ebay or paypal. (Which is quite possible, that money he is getting through paypal has to go somewhere and I could probably track him and I'm not even a detective)

He replied!!!!!!! He told me he didnt like to feel threatened and that he sent 'all' of the games out last monday and asked me if I would like a refund.... which I took.

PLEASE PLEASE, Everyone email ebay about this so his account is banned.

Anyway, I have the email of where the refund came from, I can do a lot of stuff with this email... to the highest bidder???????

Hope this helps.
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