EBay scamming_ how are they benefiting from this?

    For the third time this month I have purchased an item, with no arrival. I have noticed the item was relisted a few times, with negative feedback left for the item again and again. What does they seller gain? They pay a fee for the listing, and have PayPal refund the buyers ...... What's the point?


    Hacked account most likely. Money goes into PayPal, they withdraw and are long gone.. Doesn't matter about the negative balance in PayPal, the person hacked will most likely have to deal with it instead.

    I could be wrong, but I imagine most accounts will be hacked.

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    OK thanks that makes sense as previous to purchase all accounts had 100% feedback. Getting annoyed at opening cases again people now, I hope it doesn't reflect badly on my ebay

    Just happened to me. Bought an xbox one from a person with good feedback and no negatives but they never sent or replied. Now I have to wait until next Tuesday to escalate and get money back.

    Bought one yesterday for slightly more from tesco outlet.

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    Yes , waiting for your money to be returned is a nightmare , I have around £500 to be returned but have another 8 days to wait!

    I think a lot of the Chinese sellers list and sell hundreds of items that they have no intention of sending. They then hippie that some people will forget about it all together or just forget to claim. When they had the 45 day deadline they used to string you along not to claim, even claiming to have sent again and could you please wait.

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    These are uk sellers though. Really annoying .

    Wonder if they changed their passwords when everyone knew they should do so?

    I had my ebay hacked at the beginning of the year. Apparantly I was selling a JCB for £7500. I hadn't realised until I got 2 different messages from potential buyers and replied to them saying you have got the wrong person as I'm not selling nothing. I looked and saw the item that I was apparantly selling and it looked legitimate, they wrote a long description and also had shown many pictures of different angles of the JCB. Luckily I phoned ebay and managed to get it sorted very quickly. But its a very scary feeling knowing that someone could have potentially managed to scam myself and someone else of their money!


    Amazon is similar .


    Amazon is similar .

    I find amazon more strict for sellers as i bought a £50 item which arrived slightly damaged, i then contacted the seller who said they will send out a return packet which never arrived after a week of waiting. Later i contacted amazon who after a few hours gave me a full refund for the item without returning it.


    These are uk sellers though. Really annoying .

    Are you sure they aren't just listed in the small print as UK warehousing for a foreign seller

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    no, ebay has declared these as hacked accounts now

    The person who gets hacked get refunded right for any losses?

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