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Yes another ebay saga!

So i had this item for two months and it becomes faulty, no worries me thinks i have one year warranty. I contacted seller and sent screen capture, no problem send it back and i will get back to you. ebay seller got back in touch, sorry i cannot do anything etc. So i wrote back what about my one year warranty, can you send it back.

It's been one week three messages but no reply. I contact ebay, this where i start to cry and think of self harming. Pointless as you may have already guessed. ebay. We encourage buyers and sellers to resolve any issues. No go with the ebay case or PayPal Dispute. I had to open a case with this seller when i first got item, and for some reason i canot open a claim.

What sould i do next?


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isn't the warranty normally with the manufacturer?
what was the item? and what was the fault
the seller has certain obligations under the SOGA if they are a company (or, I think a business i.e. sole trader) but not if they are a private seller.
What is the seller's feedback score like, do they sell a lot of stuff or are they evidently an individual flogging the odd item?
Under SOGA, you have to prove the fault is due to a manufacturing defect/issue and not just due to wear and tear over the normal life of the item e.g. if you bought a phone that 1,000 people have issues with the battery, that's covered, but if you get a few scratches on the screen, that's not.

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Thanks for reply DennisG

Your text here

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It never had any warranty in box, but guy had been answering messages up until i sent back faulty item. I thought seller would send replacement.
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sorry to hear this hope u get it sorted

He is obligated to repair or replace the item, sadly you cannot do anything about it unless you sue him in a small claims court but for a very small amount of money it may be more hassle than it is worth.

self harming isn't really a laughing matter..

ok sorry, I thought you wanted to send item back but he hadn't co-operated. I didn't realise you had already sent it back.

I've tracked down the item. The seller no longer offers it, but has sold hundreds in the past so could be a supply issue, or that others are offering it cheaper than is worth seller's efforts.
I couldn't find any info on the warranty. I looked at all the listings for this item that would've been active 2 months ago.

There have been very few negatives for this item - although generally that means that it was received OK and worked first time and/or broken ones were dealt with (this seller has more revised feedbacks than negatives so obviously responds well to a neg).
Unfortunately your window for a negative seems to have expired.

You can write a strongly worded to the company's registered address addressed to the company secretary. The company is almost 20 years old, has over 11 employees and has 23,000+ eBay transactions this year so they should deal with this rather straight forward issue. The only thing stopping them could be the fact that they consider you powerless - no paypal or eBay claim and no feedback option.

How much did you pay for it, whatever 'it' is?
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Ebay and paypal consumer protection and guarantee is a joke. Both operate outside UK law. They don't honour the distance selling rules and are a gamble when buying. The only real protection they offer is non-delivery. If you get the completely wrong product sent to you, you often have to return at your expense despite no contract of sale. I use ebay all the time to grab bargains but they are a pretty vile company when problems arise.

Luckily on the few occasions I've run into trouble normally my credit card company sorts it out.

Guarantee's on listing pages are often worthless. The only real guarantee is if you buy from a legit uk retailer from within ebay who take customer service seriously.

unfortunately a lot of ebay sellers advertise one year warranty, but when it comes down to it, that's just to make you feel more secure. at the end of the day, it's a cost saving/ warranty balancing act you play when you buy on ebay versus Amazon - unless of course the item is covered by manufacturer warranty, or you pay extra for square trade, which often negates the saving.

i like ebay, but for anything over £100, i tend to give it a wide berth.

i realise this doesn't help in this case, but you could try calling ebay customer service and explain the situation. they may surprise you.
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I had a similar issue when I bought a tablet. I checked it was from a UK seller, everything seemed ok. Seven weeks after getting it,it went t*ts up. Contacted them, they replied in pigeon English "send it back, we will sort it out". Then six weeks of messages etc, Ebay were useless, I accepted an inferior tablet simply because it wasn't worth the stress.
Now I don't use ebay for anything electrical, and DON'T believe anything the seller says about their location. The Chinese now use addresses in the UK so they can claim to be UK sellers.:(

Good luck, you need it.

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Thanks to everyone for your response and the information provided, it's much appreciated


self harming isn't really a laughing matter..

I'm sorry if you were offended norville55519, you're totally right. I'm sure you understand where i'm coming from regarding ebay.
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