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Found 29th Sep 2017
Hi, could anyone advise please, I've listed several items on eBay when I received an offer email for discounted seller fees, if I now revise the listing will it be counted as a new listing thus if it sells will I get hit with full fees or will I still only get the promoted sell for a quid fee because I've only revised the listing? Please only advise if you definitely know with past experience cheers
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I won't advise you then.
You will still only pay £1, i've done this several times, completely changing the listing and I still got the promo fees.
@mintcake is correct above. I used to list loads of things quickly during a promotion then go back and edit them numerous times and it still stayed within the promotion. So long as you stick in the terms of the promotion. If the promotion is for "auction only" style and you change it to "buy it now" then that would void your cheap rate.
You can edit description, price etc loads of times
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Thank you much appreciated
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