ebay seller has not paid the correct postage.

Found 10th Dec 2017
Anybody know what the ebay procedure is when a seller has
not paid the correct postage, Royal mail have left me a card requiring me to
pay a £2 fee to get my sticky little mitts on a package. I don’t know who it’s from
currently waiting for 3 ebay items. I can’t get to the sorting office to
inspect the package before paying the fee.

Do I wait to find out who it’s from, then request a £2
refund upfront? Pay upfront get it delivered then request the refund
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what's two pounds, find out what it is, then request refund, if ya wanna for two quid.

i got cheesed off when someone sent me letter and didn't put stamp on, had to go collect it, pay stamp, and turns out a junk mail from work who could of just handed me at work.
Pay the fee ask the seller if he is willing to refund the difference. If they don't, open a case and show proof off the price difference.
You say you can't get to the sorting office to pay/collect, so gives you plenty time to message each of the 3 sellers you've purchased from, advise them you've had a RM notice to pay £2 before they will release the parcel and await there response, I'm guessing the guilty party will know straightaway, most sellers are accurate with postage and its normally double-checked in the post office.
Thanks the 3 items will be in jiffy bags more than likely. Think I’ll just wait and see what doesn’t turn up then contact the seller.
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